Choosing the Right Sewing Machine

If you have recently taken up sewing and would now like to have a machine of your own then there are a couple of things you should know when it comes to choosing the right sewing machine.  If you have never bought a machine before then you may have no clue where to start.  The other thing to keep in mind is that sewing machines can be user friendly or strictly for the expert.  Before you decide to buy that top of the line Singer sewing machine make sure it isn’t more than you need.

Your Level of Experience

Your level of experience is crucial when it comes to choosing a new machine.  If you’re a beginner then you need a machine that is suitable for a beginner and not too complicated.  The second thing you need to consider is what you will be using it for, are you making clothes, crafts or something else.  You also need to make sure that you have adequate space, the whole process of sewing takes up quite a bit of room.  How often will you be using the machine?  Are you a daily sewer or do you just need it for alterations.

Your Budget

Sewing machines can range in price from under a $100 for a machine that will simply repair a seam or sew a hem to big industrial machines that cost thousands of dollars.  A good rule of thumb is that the more things your machine can do the more it will cost you.  For many sewers who stick to strictly making simple clothes or craft a basic machine with basic stitches will probably serve you for years.  Once you have become a more experienced seamstress then you can try getting a more advanced machine.

Get Advice from Your Local Fabric Store

If you regularly shop at your local fabric store then spend some time speaking with the staff to get a recommendation.  Tell them about the type of sewing that you want to do, most of the staff sew regularly and are pretty familiar with the different types of machines.  They can help recommend a machine that has all of the features that you need along with brands that are known for their quality.

Before you buy a machine do some shopping around and check for sales.  You can compare different machines and their features, read some reviews from the people who bought the machines.  Are the customers happy with their purchases?  Check for warranty information as well before you buy to make sure you are covered in case there is a problem.  Most importantly make sure you enjoy your machine.